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Safety screens hairdresser

Hanging or standing (optional: mobile) ETFE spray shields of Buitink Technology are ideal solutions to be applied in a hairdressing salons. The screens are lightweight, fire safe and resistant to any type of cleansing- and disinfectant agents.

Acoustically transparent

Besides, ETFE cough screens of Buitink Technology are acoustically transparent; practically all sound passes the foil, without raising your voice!. And the acoustic comfort in the hairdressing salon remains the same: the reverberation time is not influenced when using ETFE screens of Buitink Technology (unlike you use screens of hard plastics like plexiglass, acrylate, PMMA or poly-carbonate.

Screens of ETFE foil

These screens are made of extremely thin (0.1 mm thickness), very strong and flexible Ethyl Tetra Fluor Ethylene (ETFE) foil. The screens can be delivered in practically any shape and size.

Mobile ETFE shield

The Corona screen in below pictures are tensioned inside panel-profiles and can be simply moved as the frame is equipped with wheels.

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