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BICS ETFE screen

1.1       BICS® ETFE screen

In some cases several BICS® vehicle shields are placed behind each other while still it needs to be fully transparent.

This is the case e.g. in a (school) bus where many passengers sit behind each other and must be separated from each other while the bus driver still needs to have a backwards view.

In this case a BICS® ETFE screen is the utmost solution, with or without an inflatable outer tube, all around or only at two or three sides.

A BICS® ETFE screen is made of ETFE foil being extremely clear and transparent. Therefore multiple screens scan be placed behind each other and still can be seen through it.

In this page you see an example of an (American) school bus. In this example 5 screens are placed behind each other and the view through it is still perfect!

1.2       ETFE folie

ETFE foil has a number of important properties and advantages compared to alternative transparent materials:

  • Compared to glass ETFE foil is extremely light weight(<1% of the specific weight of glass);
  • ETFE foil ism practically chemically inert and can be cleaned and disinfected wit all usual cleansing- and disinfectant agents, even non diluted like alcohol, ethanol etcetera. On the contrary so called window foils or transparent PVC foil is not chemically inert at all.
  • ETFE foil is thin (100 to 300 micron) and sound is passing through (one can communicate with each other through the hygienic protection without raising;
  • ETFE foil is absolutely odourless and does not contain any softeners or other evaporating chemicals. On the contrary e.g. window foil or PVC foil do contain evaporative softeners;
  • ETFE foil is a flexible material and can be transported in compact format.
  • ETFE foil is fire safe, fire retardant and self-extinguishing and complies to many fire classes, amongst others:
    • B-s1, d0 | NEN-EN 13501-1;
    • JISA1322 | Class 1 (Flame proof);
    • UL94 | VTM-0;
    • DIN 4102 | B1;
    • Oxygen Index JIS K 7201-2 (ISO4589-2) | 29.1%(Nonflammable in the normal air;
    • NFPA701 Method 2 | PASS
    • ASTM E108 | Class A
    • ASTM E662 | PASS

Tested and approved

ETFE foil of Buitink Technology is tested successfully to comply with following standards:

  • § 64 LFGB L 00.90-6
  • DIN EN 1186
  • Microwave digestion HNO3/ H2O2/ DIN EN ISO 11885 (E22) 2009-09
  • ZEK 01.4-08 (2011-11) complies with AfPS GS 2014:01 (2014-08)

Buitink Technology's ETFE foil therefore complies with following rules: "regelgeving (EC) 1935/ 2004"," regelgeving (EU) 10/2011" and the german "LFGB".

Info & specs ETFE foil

More information about ETFE foil and the technical properties can be foundhere:

ETFE foil

Very durable material

ETFE foil is a very thin and durable material. Not only the expected lifetime of ETFE foil is over 30 years, even when it is applied outside, exposed to UV light. It also can be fully recycled into granulate after its lifetime. This granulate is then re-converted into the same high quality ETFE foil again.

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