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Modular textile canopy

Buitink Technology has developed a Modular Textile Canopy (MTC) that can be used for countless forms of temporary, seasonal, semi-permanent or permanent living areas or usable spaces.

Modular basic structure with personalised outer shell

The MTC is constructed using a modular aluminium profile system. The structure is based on a simple box shape made up of connected profiles to which elements can be added.

The MTC is designed so that a simple, modular structure can be used as a basis for the creation of an individualised outer shell of textiles or membranes, or more traditional building materials such as wood or glass.

The MTC’s modular and easily dismantled profile system

The Modular Textile Canopy can be assembled into a beach bar or pavilion, terrace awning, hospitality tent, exhibition stand, beach club, winter sports bar, glamping tent, and numerous other applications are imaginable.

The MTC assembled as a fully-fledged beach pavilion, complete with concertina awning system.

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