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Inflatable underlay for water collection

Our mobile and foldable liquid tight floors offer practical and easy solutions for collecting liquids such as waste water. No need to buy an expensive permanent effluent collection system.

The container with inflatable rims is mobile, flexible and very quick to set up and move. We can produce a mobile liquid tight floor in any size, color and for any type of waste water.

KIWA certificate

Buitink Technology acquired a so called KIWA-certificate for produced and delivered mobile liquid tight floors. Download our KIWA covenant K97237-01 as PDF

COVENANT K97237-01

PDF Brochure

Download our PDF brochure for all information en specs regarding our mobile floors.


Why an inflatable wash pad

The government has legislation to prevent waste water being discharged to the soil. Our mobile liquid tight floors are an interesting alternative to an expensive effluent collection system.


The side walls of the floor go automatically in upright  position. Even a truck can drive over the rim onto the floor.


The mobile liquid tight floor has the following advantages:

  • Mobile, flexible andquickly to set up;
  • Durable andresistant to chemical;
  • To use in anyplace;
  • Fully customized;
  • No expensive equipment needed.

Resistance to cleaning agents

We have carried out testing the resistance to cleaning agents m.b.t. of the materials we use for our liquid tight floors. View the results of the independent test against the most common cleaning agents.


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