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Basically, we offer our inflatable fenders in two materials:

  • Heavy duty (HD) fabric
  • HULK fabric

The materials consist of a polyester fabric with a coating of PVC (HD Fabric) or an alloy of TPU (HULK Fabric). Both materials are extremely strong and up to the task: UV-resistant (> 10 years outdoors), (sea) water resistant, buckle-resistant and wear-resistant.

The HULK quality is also extra strong, extra wear-resistant and has an even higher puncture resistance.

In-house material testing

Buitink Technology carries out many material tests internally, and also extensively tests the puncture resistance of the used materials. You can see how the puncture resistance test is performed here: Puncture test.

The tables below show the specifications of the HD fabric (Heavy Duty) and HULK fabric:

1. Heavy Duty specifications

specificaties heavy duty fenders

2. HULK fabric specifications

specificaties heavy hulk fabric

In the PDF below, the specifications of the HD fabric (Heavy Duty) and HULK fabric can be seen side by side:

specs fabrics fenders

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