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Buitink Technology started in 1949. In the period after world war 2 many goods were transported through horse wagons. In this period there was an increasing demand for horse saddles. Based on this demand Mr. H. B. Buitink , founder of Buitink, started a saddlery in 1949 in Klarenbeek in Holland.

Soon besides saddles he produced also canvas, which was initially primarily used in the paper industry. Gradually the product portfolio was extended towards production of canvas, tents and canopies. Buitink also started maintenance activities. Horse wagons were replaced by trucks so the production moved towards canvas for trucks.

Till 1998 Buitink Technology was located in Apeldoorn. However the activities increased and more space was needed. Buitink moved to a new facility in Duiven. In 2007 was a management buy-out as the owner did not have a successor in the family. In 2009 Buitink Technology moved to a new facility again (location: Typograaf 1 in Duiven) where it it still is established. Nowadays 60-70% of the turn over of Buitink Technology is realized abroad.

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